Pleasanton Donates Two Firetrucks to Tulancingo

During the April, 2014 visit to Tulancingo, Pleasanton Mayor Jerry Thorne and PTSCA President Rita Galvin were asked by Tulancingo Comandante (Fire Chief) Joaquín E. Chávez if there was any surplus fire equipment in Pleasanton.  Several years ago Pleasanton had donated one of its older fire trucks and, more recently, additional emergency vehicles that have often helped out the Tulancingo Bomberos (Firemen).

Mayor Thorne and City Manager Fialho investigated with (now retired) Fire Chief Jim Miguel and Deputy Chief Jeff Peters of the Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department and identified two vehicles that could be donated. The two trucks, a Fire Engine Pumper and a Brush Firetruck, were serviced and inspected by the LPFD, and were presented to Mayor Soto and the delegation from Tulancingo during their visit last September.

Donated Fire Equipment (Brush firetruck and pumper) at the Pleasanton Operations Center 

Getting the equipment delivered was a major coordination effort involving cross border title transfers, insurance, environmental concerns, storage, the City Council, and a big rig commonly called a Lowboy (click on pictures below.) The pumper was transported to the Mexican border by driver Ron Chavez with the generous financial support of The DeSilva Group (Dublin) and Double D Transport. The smaller Brush Firetruck was driven down to San Diego by Sister City members Dick Stafford and Jorge Victoria, who were often tempted to play with the vehicle's sirens on I-5 in Los Angeles.  Tulancingo Comandante Jesus Garcia Ávila flew up to San Diego on January 28th, to accept the official transfer from Dick and Jorge. 

Many thanks to all those involved including Mayor Jerry Thorne, City Manager Nelson Fialho, Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department, Bob Silva, Jim Summers - President of The DeSilva Group, Double D Transport, Scott Raty - President Rotary Club of Pleasanton, and the members of the Pleasanton Tulancingo Sister City Association.

Bomberos Comandante Joaquin Arcega reported that at the end of March, the vehicles were taken from Tijuana by flatbed truck (below) on the final 1,755 mile ride to Tulancingo.   

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