Asilo/Chabelo Online Donation

In Tulancingo, PTSCA has two community organizations that we support with donations and visits:

Casa San Jose  

Centro Chabelo

For your convenience you can donate online to Casa San Jose (the asilo/shelter) or Centro Chabelo (Tulancingo Neurological Center), save a stamp and make a payment using PayPal, or... you can call Rita Galvin and donate using your credit card and the PTSCA Square account.

The PayPal option (below) is easiest and it connects directly to Paypal's secure site (always make sure it is https://).  At PayPal, you can either pay using your Paypal account, or, if you do not have a PayPal account, then you can use a Credit Card or ATM/Debit card.

Important: If you use a credit card or ATM/Debit card, there is no need to sign up for a PayPal account at the end of the transaction, even if they ask you to.

If you choose to donate online, you can determine the amount and select the charity on Paypal.

Important: If you do not wish to donate online, plese send your check to the Association Treasurer at: PO Box 5283, Pleasanton, CA, 94566, and make your intentions clear with a note on the check.

If you want to donate with a credit card, you can also contact the Treasurer.


Non-Profit Info

The Pleasanton Tulancingo Sister City Association is chartered by the City of Pleasanton, California.

The PTSCA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization; Federal ID# 94-2963219; California Non-Profit Corporation #97 60358; and State Charity Registration Number 57674.



Please arrange your donations through the Association.  If you write a check make it to the Pleasanton Tulancingo Sister City Organization with an annotation.  We have the responsibility to make sure your gift gets to the proper channel.   PTSCA is a 501c3 Organization so you have a record for your tax deductions.