• Acueducto del Padre Tembleque

    Acueducto del Padre Tembleque

    1580's aqueduct
    Highest since Roman era
    about 30 miles from Tulancingo
  • 2016 Delegation

    2016 Delegation

    Tulancingo Delegation at Beeb's
  • Firetrucks For Tulancingo

    Firetrucks For Tulancingo

    Surplus Equipment
    Transferred to Our Amigos
  • La Calavera Catrinay Frida

    La Calavera
    y Frida

    The most interesting
    people drop by when
    we have family dinners!
  • 2014 Welcome in Pleasanton

    2014 Welcome in Pleasanton

    Tulancingo Delegation and
    Mayors Julio Soto
    and Jerry Thorne
  • Cinco de Mayo Mariachis

    Cinco de Mayo Mariachis

    At the Wayside Park in Pleasanton
  • 2015 La Theresas

    2015 La Theresas

    A group of our hardest working
    sisters... All named Theresa!
  • Pleasanton Welcome

    Pleasanton Welcome

    September friends
    welcomed on classic
    Pleasanton landmark
  • Tulancingo Delegation at the
    Pleasanton Sports Park
  • Classic 18th CenturyApan Hacienda (estate)

    Classic 18th Century
    Apan Hacienda (estate)

    In Hidalgo
    a short ride from
  • Tulancingo Mayor Soto
    welcomes the 2014
    Pleasanton delegation
  • Tulancingo Dancers

    Tulancingo Dancers

    Our amigos in Tulancingo
    practiced for three months
    to put on a traditional
    regional dancing display
    that involved five costume
    changes in thirty minutes!
  • Ciudades Hermanas

    Ciudades Hermanas

    Sister City Meeting Room in Tulancingo
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Looking for Summer 2017 Exchange Ambassadors

The PTSCA is recruiting high school Youth Ambassadors to Tulancingo for this summer's 33rd annual Youth Exchange Program. Ambassadors will host a teen at their house for three weeks in Pleasanton and then stay in a family's home in Tulancingo for three weeks.

This program promotes international understanding and friendship, and gives our students a chance to experience another culture and language first-hand. Participants will act as Youth Ambassadors representing not only the City of Pleasanton but also California and the United States. PTSCA is committed to diversity and we invite applicants from all ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds to apply.  High school applicants from any local area high school may apply. The exchange program is reciprocal.  It is usually expected that families that send a child on this program will also receive and host a student.  Two years of Spanish, at any level or equivalent Spanish ability, is strongly suggested.

Learn more about our program under the Youth Menu above, or emailExchange@PTSCA.org for more information and our Exchange Coordinator will contact you as soon as possible. If you are interested in this or future summer programs, contact us and include your name, email, contact phone, and grade/school.



  • Taco Tuesday, 2nd Tuesday every month @ Fiesta Taco on Santa Rita

  • Spring Visit to Tulancingo: April 27 to May 3; Guadalajara extension

  • Annual Fundraiser: Sept 9, 2017 Senior Center

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